About Me

I am a highly qualified regional economic and workforce development professional. Since graduating from Ohio Northern University in 1994, my career has offered me eighteen years experience finding innovative solutions to unique challenges and creating collaboration by cultivating relationships.

Driven by an intrinsic desire to see change, I empower people with insight based on current data and future trends in education, economic development and regional concerns.

Having taught for over fifteen years, I bring classroom techniques of engagement to presentations, many of which contain pop culture reference to illustrate the sometimes difficult to understand world of economic and workforce development.

As a native Ohioan, I am a first generation college graduate from a working class family. Education was a priority for myself and my sisters. We all ended up with four year degrees and two of us have our Masters degrees. I have lived in northwest Ohio since 1990. Meeting my wife who is a native of this region solidified my desire to stay. We now are proud parents of three children. I enjoy photography, railroads and railroad history, weather watching and the ongoing challenges of being a parent in this brave new world.

Thanks for reading.

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