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A Return to Normal?

August 3, 2011 Comments off

Its been two months or so since my last post. Call it my summer hiatus. The reality is not quite as romantic, but some fun was had, travels made, insight gained. All in all a good time away from writing a bit. Now its time to return to some familiar routines.

So what is the state of the region? What’s been happening?  Are we moving ahead or still fumbling around? The answers, as always, are more complex then a single word or even a phrase. I however will try my best.

Good news first, we’re seeing small victories here and there. Manufacturing, long one of the regions primary employer, is slowing regaining ground, however, the problem now is workforce and skills. Many companies (for example, Crown in New Bremen) are struggling to find workers that can get the job done in the capacity needed. This is creating a strange vacuum in workforce…one that must be filled somehow.

Overall the state of Ohio, in their zeal to reinvent, has eliminated the Ohio Department of Development and replaced it with a JobsOhio structure…this has created some unique challenges in how we now are working as a region. Fortunately, our neighboring counties have tried to set ourselves a bit apart by being long time collaborators. This is what will win over any long term issue, building relationships.

The work is far from over and we’ve still got many messes to clean up…but we’re getting there. Albeit slowly…reforming the region is not a quick process, but, together we can make it happen.


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