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Summers Heat or Winters Cold

July 6, 2010

Some of you may recognize this line from “Carmen Ohio”, the song sang at every Ohio State University ball game prior to kick off…

Oh come let’s sing Ohio’s praise
And songs to Alma Mater raise

While our hearts rebounding thrill

With joy which death alone can still

Summer’s heat or winter’s cold

The seasons pass the years will roll

Time and change will surely show

How firm thy friendship … OHIO!

Now the back story is this song (expert above, it has several stanzas) was written on a slow train ride after Ohio State got the wind kicked out of them by the Michigan Wolverines. The year was 1902, and Freshman Fred Cornell penned this song. In a time of defeat, a thing of beauty arose. Even if you are not an OSU alum, if you are an Ohioan period, this song can take your breath away.

I bring this up as we getting the wind kicked out of us right now. The economy continues to falter, Ohio is facing an election year in uncertain times, people see very little positive right now. But, we have a chance to make something beautiful happen. I am sure the world seemed glum to Mr. Cornell that slow train ride home…yet he rose to the challenge of the time.

Can we do the same? I for one feel a melody in my heart…lets grab the pen and start writing.

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